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Cremation Urn for Ashes

Sarang Adult Ashes Urn

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A beautiful cremation urn with enough capacity to hold an adult’s ashes remains.

This ashes urn is made from high-quality engraved brass, which gives it durability, substance and weight, while also being affordable and dignified.

Our Sarang cremation urn for ashes is perfect to commemorate your loved one, especially those who loved their roses.

You can be assured this urn will be well-made, yet will not break the bank.

The top-opening threaded lid makes it easy to place their ashes inside, keeping them secure and safe.

Choose a design that is perfect for honouring your loved one. With a variety of choices available, you can find the perfect urn to reflect their unique personality and style.

Pick the perfect cremation urn for your loved one. We offer a selection of sizes to match their unique personality and legacy, ensuring they will be remembered in style. Here are some hints on how to choose the right size cremation urn


Engraved brass


3.0 Litre 25cm | 180cu 10"

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Leonie B.

Hi Jason
Beautiful urn!
Brought it because of its look and made of the 'dimpled' look..
mum was big on antiques so looks antique..(if you don't mind me saying so)
..symbol of a rose on the front ..perfect for mum as she was a rose lover and loved gardening!
Looks so beautiful!
I know mum would think its a perfect choice and i chose well!
Thanks heaps

Your touching review has deeply moved us. We feel honored to have assisted you in choosing the perfect urn for your mum. Knowing that the product design resonated with her love for antiques and passion for gardening, brings warmth to our hearts.

Your thoughtful choice speaks volumes of your love for your mum, and we're grateful to have been a part of this meaningful journey ❤️

Wendy H. (Brisbane, AU)
Glenda urn

Thank you for a beautiful product it did justice for my mum and so quick I ordered it on Tuesday it was delivered on the Sunday every one thought how beautiful it was I will be having the butterfly 🦋 one when I pass as I have left that in my wished

Thank you so much, Wendy. We're glad that you're pleased with the product and pretty sure your mum will love it as her final resting place.

Sue D. (Weston-super-Mare, GB)
Sarang Adult Ashes Urn

Very beautiful and unique with lovely rose, Excellent quality and very pleased with my purchases.

Thanks so much for your awesome feedback, Sue. We're thrilled that you're pleased with the product.

Kerri Y. (Brisbane, AU)
A perfect fit !

My Mum was a unique individual. Strong and a lover of roses . The urn you supplied was perfect, beautiful, unique & with a lovely rose .
I think Mum would approve !

Thank you so much, Kerri! We're happy that you're pleased with the product. We're definitely sure your mum would approve it.


I Love my husband’s Urn..Just Beautiful he certainly would have Loved it too😢

A beautiful butterfly cremation urn for ashes

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