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Cremation Urn for Ashes

Nebesa Heart Keepsake Ashes Urn

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Heart keepsake cremation ashes urn with stand

The Nebesa Heart Keepsake is an exquisite cremation urn designed to tenderly safeguard the cherished memories of your loved ones. This elegant brass keepsake is crafted with utmost care and features ample capacity to hold the precious ashes of a beloved pet, an infant, or a portion of adult ashes.

Beyond its gentle embrace for the youngest of hearts, the Nebesa Heart Keepsake transforms into a poignant tribute, offering a touching sanctuary with an etched flower symbolising life.

Embrace the enduring beauty and thoughtful design of Nebesa urn, a heartfelt vessel that honours and preserves the essence of those we hold dear.

The Nebesa urn for ashes has a gorgeous pearl white finish to provide a serene memorial for the deceased’s cremation ashes.

  • Made from high-quality brass
  • Approximately 3in/7.6cm in width and height
  • Holds 3cu-in/50ml ashes capacity
  • Share the ashes amongst family so each can hold a memory
  • Stand included

The volume of ashes is determined by the height of the deceased. We understand this is a tremendously difficult time and recommend if you are unsure of the size, to purchase a larger adult urn.


Brass with steel stand


3in/7.6cm | 3cu-in/50ml

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