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Cremation Urn for Ashes

Jete Adult Ashes Urn

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A beautiful cremation urn with enough capacity to hold an adult’s ashes remains

Our Jete ashes cremation urn is perfect to commemorate your loved one.

The Jete is a premium urn for ashes, made from high-quality brass, which gives it weight and the highest degree of durability, to provide a memorial that is discerning and dignified.

It is handmade to order with a classic deep blue enamel-coated and hand-engraved finish in the design. You can be assured this urn will be well-made, yet will not break the bank.

The top-opening threaded lid makes it easy to place their ashes inside, keeping them secure and safe.

Choose a design that is perfect for honouring your loved one. With a variety of choices available, you can find the perfect urn to reflect their unique personality and style.

When selecting a cremation urn, size matters! Make sure you know how to choose the right size cremation urn that not only complements their remains in an aesthetically pleasing way but also conveys their unique personality and spirit.





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