Filling Cremation Jewellery With Ashes

How do you fill cremation jewellery with the ashes?

Cremation jewellery is a beautiful, personal way to keep your loved one close to your heart. The process of filling the jewellery with ashes is simple and can be done at home.

Once the cremation process is complete, the ashes are placed into a temporary plastic bag and delivered inside a box. The ashes are then transferred into the final resting place, which is typically a cremation urn. You can also find instructions on how to fill a cremation urn.

Once this is complete, many people then wish to retain a portion of ashes in cremation jewellery as a keepsake. This also allows family to share the ashes of their loved one amongst many people, to help keep their memory alive.

These instructions will guide you on how to transfer a portion of the ashes to your keepsake jewellery

Here are the steps you need to take. Please read them in full before commencing.

What you will need

  • Cremation jewellery
  • A funnel, that may come with the jewellery
  • A teaspoon or the small scoop that may come with the jewellery
  • A toothpick
  • An under-sheet:
    • towel,
    • cloth,
    • wax paper,
    • aluminium foil, or
    • a piece of A4 paper
  • A small screwdriver (optional)
  • Superglue (optional)

How to prepare to transfer the ashes

It is important to handle the ashes with care, as they are fragile and can be easily scattered. We recommend closing all doors and windows, plus place a plastic sheet down.

Have everything you need in one spot before you start. It is also advisable to have a support person in place as it can be an emotional process.

Step One: Gather your materials.

Create a clean, dry work surface. Please all materials easily in arms reach on the under-sheet.

Make sure your primary cremation urn that holds the bulk of the ashes is away from any table edges and can’t be knocked over.

The jewellery will come with a screw-on cap or bail that will need to be removed. For some cremation jewellery, this can simply be unscrewed. In others, you may need to use a small screwdriver.

Place the funnel inside the opening of the jewellery.

Step Two: Fill the funnel with ashes.

TIP: Cremation ashes, or cremains, aren’t a consistent granularity. You will want to use only the finest ashes. These can be obtained by carefully segregating with the scoop. Or, you can filter an initial amount using the funnel onto your under-sheet.

Using the teaspoon, scoop up a small amount of ashes and carefully pour them into the funnel. Be sure not to overfill the jewellery; a little goes a long way.

You may need to tap the funnel or straw lightly to help loosen the flow of ashes. The toothpick can also be used to coax them through.

Don’t fill to the very top as you will need to leave space for the cap to screw back on.

Once you have added enough ashes, remove the funnel and set it aside.

Step Three: Replace the cap or bail and clean up.

TIP: for additional peace of mind, some people choose to apply a small amount of Superglue to the cap. This is done using the toothpick, prior to completing the next step. We recommend this for charms where the screw may slowly rotate while wearing.

Carefully screw on the cap or bail, making sure not to over tighten it.

Once you have screwed on the cap, carefully check for any stray ashes around the opening of the jewellery piece and on your work surface. Use a soft brush, such as a paintbrush, to gently remove any stray ashes.


And that’s it! Your ashes cremation jewellery is now filled with your loved one’s ashes and can be worn close to your heart. If you have any questions about this process or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help in whatever way we can.

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